Buzz Hollow Railroad                 
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Buzz Hollow Railroad now offers great savings on the best designed layouts for all spaces. Most N scale model railroaders trust Kato Unitrack® for reliability and design. With turnout motors installed in the track's integrated roadbed, powering a yard doesn't require any work under the table (unless you want to run wires that way) and there is also NO need to solder feeders to any of the tracks sectional joints. You can even run trains with the track just laid down on the table.

Here are the Kato N Scale layouts we have designs for:

Title                                                                               MSRP         BH Cost  
Cheap & Nothing Wasted II                                          597.25        447.94
Amherst 2005                                                               468.00        351.00
Amherst 2005 w/Larger radii                                        550.25        412.69
Tri-R Railroad                                                               174.75        131.06
The Tabletop Shortline                                                 175.00        131.25
Manning Oaks                                                              461.25        345.94
World's Greatest Hobby                                               244.75        183.56
Granny Kay and Bonnie                                               338.50        253.88
December 1998 MR                                                     329.25        246.94
Colorado Western                                                        323.00        242.25
Carolina Central                                                           395.25        296.44
Nausett Valley                                                              493.00        369.75

If you don't see the one you want or you'd like to have us design one, please contact via the contact page and we'll get working on it. Model railroading is always fun with Kato Unitrack!

Buzz Hollow Railroad Specials are new products purchased at great discounts. Buzz Hollow, therefore, passes the savings on to you. They are almost always single units so once they are gone, they're gone. We do, however, maintain an inventory of some Kato Unitrack® and accessories, so you can purchase them at our great discount as you need them.
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